I appreciate your prompt response, as my class is currently studying tangrams.
Gail J. (May 2012)

Thanks again for being so understanding and keeping in touch with me.
Your customer service truly is a breath of fresh air and I would highly recommend you to anyone.
Leslie H. (May 2012)

I have used this project for years, and each year the students enjoy it just as much!
Sister Christine–Our Lady of Angels School (February 2012)

I just received my order and am delighted.
These will make wonderful Christmas presents for my grandchildren.
As a retired teacher, I remember how much my students loved string designs.
These have great directions, and they will appeal to different-aged kids…
I had to open the packages to confirm this. Thank you again.
Mary–Castro Valley, CA (October 2011)

Thank you! I used your product several years ago, but a collegue never returned my kit.
I’m so excited that you are still in business!
I’ll be teaching a summer school credit retrieval math/science high school level class.
No budget for material, so, I’m on my own in developing lessons.
Your product will be greatly utilized.
Christina E.

I love the look of your kits. I can’t wait to try them out with my
6th grade art class for the highly capable. Thanks –
Kim K.

My daughter did these projects in school and just had to have more to do!
Thank you so much for your wonderful products!

Thank you so much. The cards were in my mailbox today. Students will be happy.
Thank you for taking care of this order for me. I appreciate you going the “extra mile”.
Barbara – Washington (June 2011)

I actually first purchased the String Designs project about 15 years ago.
I first introduced your string art to my sixth graders and they just loved them!!
I introduced it at the beginning of the school year and
gave my students the requirement to do at least 2 by the end of the year.
Many of them finished all 15 because it was so interesting, fun, and attractive when done.

I laminated each one!
I met a former parent of a student I had, and she told me that about 6 or 7 years later
when her daughter was cleaning up her bedroom to get ready to leave for college,
she apparently had all of her completed String Designs still hanging up on the
bulletin board in her room.

I recently retired in 2005. However, I still work as a part-time teacher of Math.
I work with students who need extra help in meeting standards.
I really believe that having hands-on projects like these String Art Designs
enable students to learn concepts more easily and begin to love math.
Learning about coordinate points and locating them on a graph is not the easiest to do.
I have many who did not like math before and now love it!!
Geraldine (Gerry) Honolulu, Hawaii (May 2011)

Love your patterns! Easy to use and fun for the kids.
Thanks for inspiring me to crank up the art again!
Alexandra – California (May 2011)

I am so excited about the materials.
I know the kids are going to love doing the string art while learning!
We have started the precursor to it which entails them to do some line designs in pencil first.
Mary – Florida (April 2011)

Thanks for the quick delivery! Jeanne – Vicksburg, Illinois – December 2010

I’m looking forward to doing string art with my granddaughters! Thank you! Shannon
Ashland, Oregon – December 2010

My students are building their self-esteem by accomplishing what they once said was impossible.
Their smiling faces reflect their pride! Thank you!
Meg – Pickerington, Ohio – December 2010

This is my 21st year of teaching. I teach kindergarten in Hesperia, CA.
I used to live in the central valley town of Los Banos, CA and
took a teacher in service “way back when” where we used your
Cards 1 & 2 to learn how to use string art with our students.
I have reordered cards twice over the years and have used them with first,
second, and third grade students.
I have seen other teachers do string art with designs on manilla tag paper,
but they don’t compare to your products.
I love them, as do the kids!!
I think it might be a stretch with kindergarten’s, though.
I am donating this newest bunch to a teacher at my school
who will use them with a sixth grade after school Math Maniacs club she has, just for fun!!
She, and the kids, should be pleasantly surprised by what they produce.
I can hardly wait to see what they think.
Thank you for a great product that makes math so fun for kids!
Julie – Hesperia, California – November 2010

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! That was super quick!
I appreciate it and the children at the homeless center will really enjoy this string art!!!
Cheryl – Richmond Heights, Ohio – October 2010

I have been using String Designs while teaching math classes for many years.
Most recently I thought I would try using them with the special education students
that I am now working with. These students are mostly non verbal
but had little or no difficulties in completing the projects.
Students enjoyed being able to select which design they would like to make
and which colors to complete it with. They were amazed how great they
looked after we mounted and framed them.
Don’t be afraid to try what seems to be complicated……. They WILL get it!!
Lori – June 2010 (Teacher-Deaf and Hard of Hearing Department)

I am excited to use these materials with my special education math students.
Waltham, Massachusetts – Phyliss – June 2010

My kids are loving the project! New Jersey – Jill – June 2010 (We will post pictures soon!)

Years ago (1980’s-early 1990’s) I attended ICTM/NCTM math conferences.
I am sure it was your father who sold me the products!!
I am interested in ordering more, I have checked out the product line and
do have an order form I have already begun to fill out!!
Lori – June 2010

The string art is a hit with my Calculus students! They’re creating with string
some of the same graphs they had to complete by hand.
Marie – April 2010

I have been buying these projects from your company for many years.
My students are currently working on their geometric string designs and are enjoying it immensely!
Cindy – April 2010

Thank you for the great products! Our home school co-op looks forward to
using them to help in our study of ancient history and their art.
Dawn – March 2010

Thank you for the prompt processing of my order. I am looking forward to
doing these projects with my students. Jeannette – March 2010

Thank you! Our students enjoy your materials everyday.
Shubha – February 2010

Thanks again for shipping right away!
Chicha – January 2010

The projects for our middle school math class for Doorway to the Arts came out great!
See picture of the string art below.
Susan M – June 2009
String Art Completed Kits Picture
String Art is the most popular thing we bring to the girls! Thanks much.

My geometry students love to do your string art. We use them as an application of points, lines and planes and also after the CATS test in the spring when students welcome relaxing hands-on learning. The finished product is displayed in our rooms. Last semester we were out of the cards and all semester the students kept asking,
“When are we going to be able to do ‘String Art’?”.

Thanks for making such an enjoyable math project!
Dolores (Kentucky)

The students were mesmerized by the whole concept. It was the quietest class I had all year!

I teach high school mathematics. As part of a study of functions (equations)
the students develop their own equations and graph them.
I use this as exploratory work for them to see what equation graphing looks like.
We even use the graphing calculator.
Some trigonometry functions actually create some of the designs you carry in your line
as well as linear equations. Finally, the students choose which project from your line
they want to create, and because you use the thread that glows under a black light,
the students think it is great.
We discuss what the equation might be to create the design in your line they sew.
Of course, we have to examine them ‘all’ under a black light…so they can ooh and ahh.
You would be surprised to see high school boys (especially) sew their hearts out to make these designs.
The Minimath projects help me to deliver my content in a
motivational and exciting way.
It helps to demonstrate the meaning of math graphically.

I was a math teacher for 20 years and have always liked to dabble in the “math fun”.
This summer I am doing some tutoring and
thought I’d use some of the activities to make the day more fun.
Also it will be a great exercise for the homeschoolers which sometimes like fun workshops at our church.

We use your pattern cards and string designs based on rectangular coordinates
and on circles and hexagons. Our grade level 8th grade class does the rectangular coordinates
because they are just learning to graph and it’s great for them.
They love it and, of all things, the GUYS usually produce the neatest most intricate designs!
Our higher level classes do the other cards as a reward for working hard.
They have studied polygons and circles and will study them in depth in high school.
We love the projects and plan to continue using them for many years…
Mary (Alabama)

I did a Google search for string art for a math project my son is working on.
Your website had the best information and selling them in kits is a great help
to a parent who has never done string art before. Thanks.

I am a retired math teacher and I want to order a kit for my grandson (who lives in Germany)
and have it get there before Christmas.
I love the quality of the art that your kits produce and
would like my grandson to experience the creative and beautiful side of mathematics.

Thank you! I am impressed with the turnaround time.
I was going to call 10/12/06 to find out if my fax was received and came home to the package!
Tamara–New Jersey

My students just love your string art!
I was shocked when I learned they are doing them just for fun!!
As a high school teacher, I have about 180 students, and my students are doing this for extra credit.
Some students are making all the pattern pieces, as far as I can tell,
just for fun, as they are only getting credit for 3 of them.
Your string art is very popular, and in a group of predominantly math-haters…I am very pleased!

Wow–such GREAT service!
Thanks for making my teaching lessons more interesting to my students!

SO HAPPY! I was so surprised to find your site on the web!
I am a 30 + year old mother of four. My children were recently asked to do an art project
of something they don’t do in school. When my children approached me for ideas,
my first thought was STRING ART! They are beautiful and require concentration.
I did one back in the country school. It was beautiful, and
I’d like for my daughter to be able to create one for her project.
I am also ordering all that you offer on this site for my students. Thank You much!
Sincerely, T. Buck

I remember doing this project (Complete Kit for Card #3)
in a teacher math class in college a few years back and
now teach 5th grade and would love to do this with my students.

I enjoy using them…as well as…I am sure every student I have taught over the
past 15 years would agree…they are wonderful!
Lisa (Michigan)