String Art Kits the easy way.

45 Different Designs may be created from 3 different String Art design kits. We offer: circle, hexagon, and square designs (15 of each design).

Finished product is 8″ x 8″.

Samples here.

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In 1996, Gerald Williams – my dad, the creator and innovator of these geometric string designs – retired from day-to-day operations at Minimath Projects. I began learning the business from him the year prior, and now my wife and I own and operate Minimath Projects. We run Minimath Projects with the same dedication, commitment to excellence, and “Math is Fun!” spirit my dad embodied when he started Minimath Projects in the ’70s. To anyone who thinks math isn’t fun, let this be your invitation to discover how much fun string art math can be! Browse our hexagon designs, circle designs, and square designs, find the project or projects that are appropriate for the grade level you teach – and see what thousands of students, teachers, and parents have raved about for almost 40 years!


With curve stitching art projects from Minimath Projects, your students will learn about concentric circles, radii, ordered pairs, hexagons, and, diagonals… only, they won’t consider it learning; they’ll just call it fun! Please visit our website often – as we frequently update it. If you have comments or questions about our products, please contact us at