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We’ve been in business since 1973 and our String Art is our #1 product. Teachers and students love our string art. Take a look around…let us now if you need assistance at rob@minimathprojects.com

Card 1 – Circle Designs (Grades 3-12)

The numbered sewing points on the Card 1 pattern form two concentric circles and their radii.

Card 2 – Hexagon Designs (Grades 4-12)

The numbered sewing points on the Card 2 pattern form a hexagon and its diagonals.

Card 3 – Square Designs (Grades 5-12)

The pattern on the Card 3 kit is the first quadrant of a coordinate plane. The Card 3 sewing points are located by using ordered pairs.

Our designs are made by using a needle and fluorescent thread to sew through numbered points on the back of a card. Each kit contains:

  • 15 numbered pattern cards (8″ x 8″),
  • A direction book that gives detailed instructions to create 15 different geometric designs,
  • A needle, and
  • 180 yards of fluorescent thread (4 colors: green, red, orange, and yellow).

Designs made with fluorescent thread glow when exposed to a black light.

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What Our Customers are Saying

The students were mesmerized by the whole concept. It was the quietest class I had all year!

Lola from Oklahoma

I have used this project for years, and each year the students enjoy it just as much!

Sister Christine

I did a Google search for string art for a math project my son is working on. Your website had the best information and selling them in kits is a great help to a parent who has never done string art before.


Thank you so much. The cards were in my mailbox today. Students will be happy. Thank you for taking care of this order for me. I appreciate you going the “extra mile”.

Barbara from Washington

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