Frequently Asked Questions

May I Use a Purchase Order or write a check?

You may use a Purchase Order from your school to place orders with Minimath Projects. The option for using PO’s will appear in your checkout process. If writing a check, please mail your check to Minimath Projects, 336 Timber Drive, Harvard, IL 60033, and as soon as we receive your payment, we will process your order.


What size is a finished string art?

Our string art size is 8″ x 8″.

Viewed under a black light the children exclaim, “OHH, AWWHHH.”


What does a complete kit include?

Please click here to learn more about our string art… Or continuing reading below:

  • An instruction book
  • 15 cards duplex (black on one side; white with pattern on the other)
  • 4 fluorescent bobbins of thread, one of each color: green, red, orange, and yellow
  • A push pin (used to punch out the holes in the cards)
  • One needle for the sewing of the design 15 Different Designs may be created from EACH of our THREE kits, Circles, Hexagons, and Squares, totaling 45 different designs (15 circle; 15 hexagon; 15 square


Do you ship out of the country?

In checkout, choose “calculate shipping” and choose your country and country postal code.


What’s your return policy?

Return any of our products–no questions asked–within 30 days of purchase.

What grade levels are recommended for your string art?

Circle designs = 3rd grade and up.

Hexagon designs = 4th grade and up.

Square designs = These designs are created using coordinated pairs.

Please see our video below. 5th grade and up.

How do I create one of your designs?

See video below explaining how to create one of our designs.