Teachers Love Our String Art

Students and Teachers alike enjoy creating our string art.
Our Glenview 34 School District had so much fun!

The students were mesmerized by the whole concept. It was the quietest class I had all year!

Lola - Oklahoma

The order was received quickly and your math products are wonderful. I have used them with three students (ages 6, 8 and 9) and all were successful and completely engaged in the projects. Thank you for great service and quality materials.

Robin - Tempe, AZ

Wow–such GREAT service!
Thanks for making my teaching lessons more interesting to my students!

Julie - Arkansas

The projects for our middle school math class for Doorway to the Arts came out great!
See picture of the string art below.

Susan M - June 2009

I met a former parent of a student I had, and she told me that about 6 or 7 years later
when her daughter was cleaning up her bedroom to get ready to leave for college,
she apparently had all of her completed String Designs still hanging up on the
bulletin board in her room.

I laminated each one!

I have used this project for years, and each year the students enjoy it just as much!

Sister Christine–Our Lady of Angels School (February 2012)

My daughter did these projects in school and just had to have more to do!
Thank you so much for your wonderful products!


I did a Google search for string art for a math project my son is working on. Your website had the best information and selling them in kits is a great help to a parent who has never done string art before.


I am excited to use these materials with my special education math students.

Waltham, Massachusetts – Phyliss – June 2010

I just received my order and am delighted. These will make wonderful Christmas presents for my grandchildren. As a retired teacher, I remember how much my students loved string designs. These have great directions, and they will appeal to different-aged kids…I had to open the packages to confirm this. Thank you again.

Mary–Castro Valley, CA (October 2011)

My geometry students love to do your string art. We use them as an application of points, lines, and planes and also after the CATS test in the spring when students welcome relaxing hands-on learning.

“When are we going to be able to do ‘String Art’?”

Thank you so much. The cards were in my mailbox today. Students will be happy.
Thank you for taking care of this order for me. I appreciate you going the “extra mile”.

Barbara – Washington (June 2011)

Thank you for the prompt processing of my order. I am looking forward to
doing these projects with my students.

Jeannette – March 2010