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1) Chinese Puzzle Box
2) Split Cube Puzzle
3) Split Tetrahedron Puzzle
4) Tetrahedron Puzzle

Platonic Solids ($3.00)

Cube, Tetrahedron, Octahedron,
Dodecahedron, & Icosahedrontonic

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Pentominoes ($7.00)

This pentominoes instruction book has 37 reproducible Pentomino puzzle outlines, arranged in order of difficulty, with solutions. The puzzles at the beginning of the book can easily be solved by students in the lower grades.


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Stick Puzzles

These puzzles and games with solutions are a wonderful way to have fun while developing logical, creative, spatial, and mathematical abilities. ($7.00)

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The Tangram Puzzles book contains 40 Challenging reproducible tangram puzzle outlines, with solutions, selected from 300 puzzles as the most challenging.  Each solution requires seven pieces to be placed in an outline. ($7.00)

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Tangram Puzzles (40)